The Global Alliance Demands A New Human Rights

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Press Release
October 8, 2009

The Global Alliance Demands A New Human Rights Policy

The Global Alliance For Preserving The History Of WW II In Asia joins the demand issued by Amnesty International 22 September 2009 that the government of Japan, under new leadership of Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio, adopt a new policy of support for human rights, particularly with respect to war crimes and atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces during the Pacific War 1931-1945 in mainland Asia and islands of the Pacific.

We demand that the new leadership in Japan confront, acknowledge, and remedy the human devastation wrought by her Imperial Army in the twentieth century. While Amnesty International cites only the practice of human sexual slavery by the military of Japan in which a half million girls and young women were kidnaped and raped daily for years by Japanese soldiers, a full accounting of Japan’s war crimes includes much more.

Instead of a policy of denial, the government of Japan must admit to and beg forgiveness for unparalleled brutality against her neighbors.

For reconciliation and peace among all nations in the Western Pacific, the Global Alliance demands a full and forthright acknowledgment of Japan’s war crimes, issued by the Prime Minister and Emperor and confirmed by the Diet, to be followed by a Japanese program of meaningful and just repayment to her victims.

Only then can genuine peace and harmony be restored between Japan and her neighbors.

Peter Stanek, President
Global Alliance

Please contact Peter Stanek at or 415-225-6806 for further information.

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