WMA continued blocking resolution on WWII biological warfare

Letter to Editor (New York Times)

The Legacy of Mad Doctors
That’s great. There are still doctors who are willing to chastise the unconscionable Bush administration of using medical professionals to develop “guidelines” for torturing prisoners and provide legal cover for interrogators (“Doctors Who Aid Torture,” Jun 7).
However, let’s not forget that delegates of the American Medical Association (AMA) and their counterparts from Europe and Japan ganged up on Dr. Michael Franzblau of Univ. of California, San Francisco to defeat his resolution at the annual World Medical Association (WMA) year after year from 1996 through 2003. His resolution asking that the present Japan Medical Association repudiates the actions of physicians in the biochemical warfare unit (a.k.a.Unit 731) of the Imperial Japanese Army in WWII was repeatedly greeted with overwhelming hostility from his fellow American doctors and those from Allied nations.
By 2004, WMA went so far to change its by-laws so individual members are forbidden to introduce such resolution according to the presiding officer of the Associate members of the WMA.
The historical facts backing Dr. Franzblau’s resolution are ample in public records and national archives, including a NY Times article (“Shouting the Pain From Japan’s Germ Attacks,” 11/23/2002). Immediately after the “Doolittle Raiders” were rescued by the Chinese peasants after the Tokyo Raid in 1942, Japan unleashed its deadly germ warfare attacks killing 250,000 civilians in one Chinese province alone. The final crash scene in the 2001 movie “Pearl Harbor” depicted the beginning of that tragic historical page.
While Americans generally despise fat cats to buy election, such as recent cases in California and New York City, many do not realize that Japan Inc. is buying its premium membership in the United Nations and numerous international organizations, including its persistent attempt to buy a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council with veto power. Power corrupts and corrupted often gain power!
Ignatius Y. Ding
Executive Vice President
Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia
http://www.global- alliance. net

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