Dr. Irie’s letter of apology

My house was destroyed in early 1945 by B29 bombers in Tokyo.  My family had to suffer a lot because of that.  I became malnourished.  I feel my family was also a victim of the war that Japan had started.

I entered an elementary school in 1947.  I was surprised to find so many well-nourished and well-dressed class mates.  Compared to them, I was just like a homeless child.  The school was famous for educating children of the high society in Japan.  I was accepted there only because my father was a teacher of the school.

During the war, they had relocated themselves to nice and safe resort areas in Japan.  Their families did not suffer from the war at all, and they had been the driving force behind the Japanese invasions into China and other Asian countries.  Japanese government represents them at that time and does the same even now.  The basic structure has never changed.

By the way, I had never learned how badly Chinese people had be victimized in the war by Japanese military forces until I came to Los Angeles in 1971.  The postwar schools in Japan had never taught me that aspect of the Japanese history.

Now I know the suffering of Chinese people during the war had been much greater than mine.

Therefore, I want Japanese government to officially apologize and do reparation to Chinese victims and their families.  Only after that process is completed, I would like to demand apology and reparation for my family’s sufferings.

So I am happy to join the efforts by ALPHA-LA.

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