About Us

The members of ALPHA-LA are a multi-ethnic group consisting of Anglo-Americans, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Filipino-Americans, Japanese Americans, and Korean Americans.

Incorporated in 2002 as a non-profit 501(c) organization, we share the desire and objective of preserving the history of WWII in Asia through public education.

It has been more than 57 years since the end of WWII. While the world has learned about the horrors of the Nazi war crimes and Germany has formally apologized and compensated victims of its atrocities, the Japanese government continues its whitewashing of history and denial of brutalities committed by the Japanese military in China and other Asian countries.

We feel that we have an obligation to those victims to let the rest of the world know so that an informed world will not let it happen again.Compare the post wartime official and societal attitudes of Germany and Japan tells significant stories of how much Japan is still in denial and refuse to take its share of responsibilities.

Japan vs. Germany

source: Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War (APTSJW)
Germany Japan
Official Apology YES .Offered formal apology to its victims. NO .Offered vague, indirect, and personal apologies by its Prime Minister, but not its Emperor or its Parliament.
Open its war time record YES .Opened all its wartime archives to researchers and investigators. NO .Refuses to open its archive and sometimes denies the existence of certain files, such records related to wartime military sexual slavery and biochemical warfare experiments.
Wartime history in school textbook YES .Holocaust is taught in school. NO .Wartime atrocities are whitewashed or eliminated in school textbooks.
Punish war criminals YES .Cooperative in identifying Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice from hidden identities or from exile. NO .Refuses to cooperate in war crime investigation.
Treatment of war criminals Most punished and rejected both by government and society. Openly worship war criminal in shrines by government high officials and society at large. Most war criminals became key government, business, and academic leaders.
Identify war criminals YES .Verified over 60,000 names of war criminals per request by the U.S. Dept. of Justice. All have been placed on a list banning their entry into the U.S. NO .Refuses to verify names of war criminals submitted by the U.S. Dept. of Justice by stonewalling its repeated requests.
Investigation and restitution of slave labors YES .Coordinated an effort to reach a settlement in which many German companies engaged in slave labor practices will pay $1.7 billion to their wartime victims NO .Conceals records of wartime slavery conducted by Japanese companies. In fact, paid $450 million to “compensate” 135 companies for “managing the contract laborers” after the war.
Restitution to the victims YES .Has paid and continues to pay compensation over 550 million Deutch Marks to Holocaust victims until 2015. NO .Continues refusing to pay any compensation to its wartime victims.
ALPHA-LA seeks to preserve the historical truth of Japan’s aggression in Asia and by doing so help prevent recurrences of similar atrocities.

We build alliances and coordinate efforts with other similar interest organizations.

We support projects related to research, education, information collection and dissemination of our acquired knowledge.

We continue to press governments to maintain historical accuracy on Japan’s role in their education system.Our ultimate goal is an official government apology, closure to all pending litigation and compensation for all victims affected by Japanese military acts of atrocities.

Photo Exhibition
Panels of photographs on Unit 731, comfort women, and Nanking Massacre are available for display at schools, libraries, museums, and other public places
Notable speakers and scholars from various backgrounds will speak on the redress movement.
Essay Contest
Promote the learning of WWII history through essay contests with cash prizes/scholarships for winning entries.
Oral History
Video and audio taping of witnesses or victims giving their accounts of the war crimes they had experienced.
Resource Center and Virtual Museum
Our goal is to establish a local resource center and virtual museum on the Internet so that people from around the world can have access
to photos, documents, artifacts, oral history accounts, and research papers related to this subject.